Profile Precise

Personal Coaching Powered by Genetics

At Profile® by Sanford®, we know there’s more to losing weight than counting calories and points. That’s why we created Profile Precise – a test that harnesses the power of genetics to map your DNA to a nutrition plan tailor-made to help you reach your goals.

Profile Precise is our latest innovation to help take the guesswork out of healthy lifestyle change. The test analyzes how your body metabolizes carbohydrates, providing you and your Certified Profile Coach with information to more effectively guide you on your weight loss journey.

Backed by Science

Profile’s research and development efforts all have two things in common: They must be backed by real science, and they must help members achieve lasting lifestyle change. Working closely with the Profile Clinical and Scientific Advisory board, Profile leveraged some of the brightest minds in research and genetics at Sanford Health to develop Profile Precise. The test integrates the science of nutrigenetics into our nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching platform. By understanding how your body responds to certain nutrients based on your genetics, we use your Precise C-Score to create a personalized weight loss program that works with your body, not against it.

Get Profile Precise Today

Profile Precise is available for Profile members and it is the only genetic test that comes with a coach to help you understand your results. We’re not here to deliver you some promise of a miracle diet that is guaranteed to get results quick. What we can promise is a science and evidence-based weight loss plan that was built just for you.